MyKayla is currently a flight attendant for a major U.S. airline. She adores it and is still in disbelief that what she gets to do is actually considered her job. She gets paid to fly all around, meet a ton of people, wear a cute uniform and stay in nice hotels. On top of that, and most importantly, she’s a highly trained safety professional.

Previously, she worked for the Gillette News Record in Wyoming, where she served as the city government reporter, occasionally dabbling in business, health and feature stories. You can see some of that here.

Her freelance writing has been featured on SHEablesThought Catalog and Imfirst.org.

While she was in college, MyKayla served as a reporter and news and environment editor for The Pointer student newspaper. Here’s a throwback to those days.

In addition, though it may be hard to believe, she acted as The Love Doctor on a college love and dating advice talk show for SPTV Student Television, where she also served as business director and news anchor.