“There’s plenty of time for more adventures, mishaps and wanderings. So here’s to focusing on these, right now.”

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Relocated & Realigned

I’ve been quiet, y’all, but I ain’t dead. The last time I posted to this blog, which was very appropriately titled “Adventures of a Gillette Bachelorette,” much was different — but not as drastically as I once would have guessed. I was living in Gillette, Wyoming, in what I now realize was probably the crappiest […]

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Oh hello, didn’t see you there

I’ve been hesitant to start a blog. To be completely honest, I’ve always found them to be mostly self-indulgent. “Look at me — I can string together words to form sentences about things sometimes.” A mentor once told me that you should refrain from writing in first-person as much as possible to increase the credibility of  your other writing. […]

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