Well howdy there, stranger! I’d like to extend you a big, fat welcome to my twisted little corner of the internet.

To get some generalities out of the way:

** Hi, mom!

** Are you easily offended? You should probably back out now then.

** Do you like cats? You’re in the right place — we’re already friends.

My parents got creative when they chose the spelling of my name — it’s MyKayla and pronounced like the 600 other ways to spell it, but you can call me YourKayla. 😉

I’m a 23 years young small town gal currently living in St. Louis with my cool ass cameraman boyfriend, Kyle, and our “Precious Princess Pirate Trash Baby Juno,” the prettiest kitty you ever did meet. I’m originally from a dinky northern Wisconsin town; and before St. Louis and Chicago, I wandered around out to the plains of Wyoming and fields of Iowa for a bit.

But in January 2017, I made some pretty damn significant life changes that I truly believe will go down as some of my best decisions. I dropped the humble beginnings of a career in journalism/digital media to pursue something that continued calling to me — even when I refused to listen.

I moved to Chicago still unemployed, only to see that “something” realized the very next day: After many previous attempts, I received an offer to attend flight attendant training with a major U.S. airline. About a month of evacuation simulations, exams, fighting fire, Fort Lauderdale beaches and identical black outfits later, I emerged with my wings and a brand new perspective on life. It’s more than an amazing, rewarding job — it’s the perfect lifestyle I never knew I needed.

I’ve also taken this new chapter of adventures, airport sits, new faces and opportunities as a chance to cut the symbolic fat from my life. I’ve quit social media (a stark contrast to my previous life) … and let me tell you folks that at least for me, this is what freedom feels like. I’ve chosen to come out from behind the screen and be an active participant in my life … and well, that’s pretty darn neat.

“Wanderlust & Pickup Trucks” is named to combine my meandering life path and charmingly podunk beginnings. It exists to allow myself a space to spew my innermost random rants and ramblings, overly honest self-deprecation, cabin crew and travel shenanigans, and whatever else I damn well please — because this is a blog, after all — something I never thought I’d have but is also pretty darn neat.

The tagline “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” from Helen Keller is my favorite quote — I even have it tattooed on my ribs.

Thanks for stopping by and sitting through all that, you! Enjoy your stay ’round these parts and don’t be shy — say hi!

Peace, love & fairy dust,


— YourKayla

**This blog obviously is in no way a reflection of my employer or the company’s point of view on any topic discussed.


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