Well howdy there, stranger! I’d like to extend you a big, fat welcome to my twisted little corner of the internet.


To get some generalities out of the way:

** Hi, mom!

** Are you easily offended? You should probably back out now then.

** Do you like cats? You’re in the right place — we’re already friends.

My parents got creative when they chose the spelling of my name — it’s MyKayla and pronounced like the 600 other ways to spell it, but you can call me YourKayla. 😉

I’m a 23 years young small town gal currently living in Chicago with my boo thang (oh yes I did), Kyle, and our “Precious Princess Pirate Trash Baby Juno,” the prettiest kitty you ever did meet. I’m originally from a dinky northern Wisconsin town; and before Chicago, I wandered around out to Wyoming and Iowa for a bit.

But in January 2017, I made some pretty damn significant life changes that I truly believe will go down as some of my best decisions. I dropped the humble beginnings of a career in journalism/digital media to pursue something that continued calling to me — even when I refused to listen.

I moved to Chicago still unemployed, only to see that “something” realized the very next day: After many previous attempts, I received an offer to attend flight attendant training with a major U.S. airline. About a month of evacuation simulations, exams, fighting fire, Fort Lauderdale beaches and identical black outfits later, I emerged with my wings and a brand new perspective on life. It’s more than an amazing, rewarding job — it’s the perfect lifestyle I never knew I needed.

“Wanderlust & Pickup Trucks” is named to combine my meandering life path and charmingly podunk beginnings. It exists to allow myself a space to spew my innermost, random rants and ramblings, overly honest self-deprecation, cabin crew and travel shenanigans, and whatever else I damn well please — because this is a blog, after all — something I never thought I’d have but is also pretty darn neat.

The tagline “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” from Helen Keller is my favorite quote — I even have it tattooed on my ribs.

Thanks for stopping by and sitting through all that, you! Enjoy your stay ’round these parts and don’t be shy — say hi!

Peace, love & fairy dust,


— YourKayla



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