Welcome to the trials and tribulations of YourKayla.

The name’s MyKayla. Get it yet?


I honk like a goose when I laugh (which is frequently), have two different sized feet and believe just about any problem can be solved with a bottle of Mountain Dew.

I can’t offer a lot in this world, but I can contribute very, very large pores and a promise to never say “no” to an adventure.

I would most accurately describe myself as a perverted old man trapped in a young woman’s body. I’m crude, sarcastic and sometimes outright morbid … but luckily, that’s disguised by a demeanor of smiles and a vocabulary frequently sprinkled with words like “swell” and “dandy.”

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in May 2015, then immediately proceeded to uproot myself, pack 21 years of belongings into Tori, my Ford Taurus, and leave every human being I’ve ever known to travel out to the plains of Northeast Wyoming for my first “big girl” job as a city government reporter at a daily newspaper.

And to keep the usual chaos and mayhem chugging along, once I got relatively settled in — I did it again, trading the plains for the cornfields of North Iowa and a gig as a digital/social media content director for a small TV station.

That was a little over a year ago. Now, based in Chicago and recently emerged from an intense month of flight attendant training, I’m soaring through the sky, taking selfies with passengers, having a blast with crews young and old, trying not to puke, collecting your trash, making sure you don’t get too drunk — and of course, looking out for your safety.

My life is basically a series of things that sounded good at the time, but if I dare say it, everything is finally making sense.

As outright annoying as it is (even to myself sometimes), I’m an optimist through and through, think there’s a positive side to everything and truly believe the power of a warm smile and a friendly “How are you?” could change just about anybody’s day.

Life’s too short to be anything but happy, accepting and fiercely adventurous.

To wrap it up, here’s where you’ll find documentation of my general shenanigans, thoughts, ramblings like this one, flight attendant lifestyle insights, lists, poems, cluttered nonsense and my search to find the madness in the mundane.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Peace, love & fairy dust,

— YourKayla

** My views in no way, shape or form reflect those of my employer’s. **

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