Comeback Kid

Guess who’s back. Back again.

It’s been over a year now since I started this specific attempt at blogging — and despite my months-long absence, it’s arguably been the most successful one yet.

A lot has happened since I last attempted to write something.

I got a seasonal job. Had a blast but quit said job. Spoke at an alumni event where I got real cheesy and attempted to tell people to listen to their hearts. Soaked my hair in enough bleach to do away with a small rodent infestation.

Coerced a sweet Iowan into being my boyfriend. Jumped out of a plane. Shaved part of my head. Murdered some fleas. Questioned leaving my last job. Questioned every decision I’ve ever made. Questioned life itself.

Went (and struggled at) bale jumping (It’s hard, OK? No matter what the cute Iowa boy tells you). Got on a plane to Texas. Twice. Attempted (and failed) to eat snow crab. 

Should this blog post just be sentence fragments? Because I’m honestly having a really good time.

What better time to come back to blogging than the eve of “America: Season Finale.” I already crossed tomorrow off on my calendar. That’s how excited I am, folks.

For a girl who technically makes her living on the internet, I could really stand to stay away from it entirely tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind. Send me away for the next few months while we’re at it.

Unfortunately, though, that’s not a reality. I’ll be deep in the fiery rings of the internet tomorrow, which also means I can return to this oh so neglected blog with all my ideas for ramblings. I’m serious. I wrote them down on an actual notepad and everything! 

So fasten your seat belts. I guess we’re doing this again.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time …

Peace, love & fairy dust,





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