The magnificent in the mundane: Leaping out of the comfort zone

Hello again!

It’s been a bit, but I’m back — this time with the goal of blogging every day (daring, I know).

I have to note that my beloved, beautiful cat Juno objects, though. Every single time I try, she forcefully lies on the keyboard and sprawls out, then reaches up and tries to eat my eyelashes, as per usual. But she’s asleep next to me now, so we should be good for a few minutes.

I want to share a funny life tidbit from yesterday — not only because it made me laugh, but because it made me think.

I was making my way out of the local mall’s minuscule food court after inhaling a spicy Italian sub and getting lipstick everywhere imaginable when a man looked up from his food and proceeded to yell at me (from a considerable distance, mind you):


I laughed and lied quickly, then continued scurrying away.

Now while that’s not the way I would generally think to approach someone, you have to admire the bold, bluntness of the entire thing.

Too often, we have too much pride to risk a bruised ego that could come from an encounter like that — but life is all about just that: Chance encounters and being bold.

I am hereby challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone every day — not necessarily yell someone compliments from across a building, but at least something I wouldn’t usually happen upon doing in my daily routine.

For tonight, I BOLDLY did my laundry so I wouldn’t have to this weekend — but tomorrow, my challenge will commence.

Peace, love & fairy dust,

— YourKayla


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